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2007 Northwest Universal Faces Royalty!

Overall Grand Supreme


Grand Supremes

Alex, Kya, Lillian & Kennedy



Past Royalty

Overall Grand Supreme - Kya D.
0-4 Grand Supreme - Lillian S.
5-10 Grand Supreme - Kennedy M.
11+ Grand Supreme - Alex M.

Overall Grand Supreme - Roxsan G.
0-4 Grand Supreme - Jessie E.
5-10 Grand Supreme - Courtney O.
11+ Grand Supreme - Crystal V.

Grand Supreme - Brooke E.
Mini Grand
Supreme - Reagan T.
Mini Grand Supreme - Laura B.
0-4 Beauty Supreme - Madison H.
5-10 Beauty Supreme - Sommer S.
11+ Beauty Supreme -
Stormy K

2007-2008 Competition Season:
Contestant crowned as Overall Grand Supreme and Grand Supreme at the Regional level may not compete in any state or preliminary event in the pageant for which they hold a title until AFTER they give up their title at the 2008 pageant.  Mini Grand Supreme and Beauty Supreme title holders may not compete at any preliminary event, they may compete at the 2007 state pageant. The exception to this would be if we have a separate division for royalty members. Such an arrangement will be indicated in the pageant paperwork.  All other royalty members are eligible to compete at the preliminary and state level.

 Hall of Fame
UF Regional Grand Supremes


2006 - Roxsan

2007 - Kya

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