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Congratulations to the 2007 Regional Overall Grand Supremes!!!
UF Overall Grand KYA and UMMI Overall Grand KENNEDY

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2008 Northwest Regional Pageant
March 28-29, 2008
Holiday Inn
SeaTac, WA

Celebrating SEVEN Years in the Northwest!
and TWENTY THREE years Nationally!
We offer TWO Pageant Systems

Universal Faces is a natural pageant. Contestants are judged on 50% Facial Beauty,
25% Personality and 25% Stage Presence. Events include T-shirt, Interview
Casual Wear, Party Wear and Swimwear. (not all events available at all pageants)
Universal Faces is looking for a natural beauty with lots of personality!
If you have a cutie who likes the lime light - come give Universal Faces a try!

Universal Miss & Master is a total package pageant. Contestants are judged on
ability and overall appearance. Events include Formal Wear, Interview
Casual Wear, Outfit of Choice, Talent, Photogenic, Portfolio and other special events.
Universal Miss and Master is looking for a total package contestant - skill and appearance
are equally important.

Universal Faces and Universal Miss & Master
Will be holding JOINT pageants all year!
Come give us a try!

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Please email us at with questions regarding Northwest Universal Miss and Master.

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