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State Level Pageants

Our state level pageants are held in the late summer or early fall. We will hold a state pageant in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. You are not required to compete in a preliminary pageant in order to compete at the state level. If you live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Utah - it is requested that you compete in the state you live in. However - if another state pageant date or location is more convenient - you may participate in another states pageant. However - you may only compete in ONE of the pageants listed below.  If you do not live in one of those 4 states - you may participate in any ONE of the state pageants you choose.

2006-2007 State Pageant Schedule
February 3, 2007- Washington State
February 10, 2007 - Oregon State
February 17, 2007 - Idaho State
February 24, 2007 - Utah State

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State Royalty






2007 State UF Grand Supremes
Utah State -
Idaho State -
Washington State - Payton Huttenlocker
Oregon State -

2007 State UMMI Grand Supremes
Utah State -
Idaho State -
Washington State - Kennedy Miller
Oregon State -

2005 State UF Grand Supremes
Utah State - Paisley Standiferd
Idaho State - Marlee Zeigler
Washington State - Crystal Vilhelmsen
Oregon State -
Makenna Flippo

2005 State UMMI Grand Supremes
Utah State - Kya Durrant
Idaho State - Evette Reay
Washington State - Avanya Thornton
Oregon State -
Jamie MacDonald

2004 State Grand Supremes
Utah State - Tawny Pribbanow
Idaho State - Brooke Eddy (UMMI & UF)
Washington State - Courtney Oliver
Oregon State - Laura Allen

2003 State Grand Supremes
Oregon State - Amanda Gonzalez-Merrill
Washington State  - Kaitlin Ripley
Idaho State - Madison Dougherty

2002 State Grand Supremes
Oregon State - Abigail Trail
Washington State  - Vanessa McClelland


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